Creating 'short lists' to better target and attract renters

Saved Search is a feature built primarily with renters in mind, they love using this feature as a way of creating 'short lists' which can easily be shared; however it can also be used strategically in targeting different renter audiences on social media.

Saved search, creates and archives a url that can be used to lead people to a specific set of search results. It can be useful when you are trying to make a broad resource immediately relevant to a specific audience. VERY useful in targeting social media ads, or even posts.

Music folks want to know about music spaces, folks in Oakland want to know about spaces in their neighborhood, you get the idea. Saved search can be used in lots of creative ways.

Here is an example of a tweet that links people thru to search results for rehearsal space under $20/hr

You'll want to use a url shortener on your saved searches before you post them, as they are often long, ugly, coded strings of key words that look like this: 





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