Google Analytics Monthly Report

Fractured Atlas sets up a template Google Analytics dashboard of metrics that you can have emailed to your team as a monthly report. (This is in addition to providing your team with collaboration level access to the Google Analytics account). 

The stats selected for the monthly report are focused on venue outreach and marketing initiatives.

Monthly report dashboard metrics include: 

  • How many people are visiting?
  • How much time they spend there?
  • How many of those folks are new?
  • What sources send traffic to the site? (you might be surprised)
  • Which social media sources are working for you?
  • Which Community Directories are sending visitors to the site?
  • Which SpaceFinders in other regions are sending traffic to the site?



Can I request something specific to be added to the monthly reports?

Absolutely. Contact

In what form is the report?

A pdf file.

Who sends the report?

It is sent automatically from the Fractured Atlas Google account. It will come from the email address

When is the report sent?

On the 1st day of the following month (or we can customize that timeframe for you)

How do I add a recipient to the list to receive the report?




Example report attached to this article below.

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