Recommended Linking for Community Directories

Since community directories are custom landing pages designed to be clicked thru from another website, it helps to see some successful visuals examples of where to place the link.


Example 1 - Link directly from RESOURCES list

This is a popular option as it doesn't require anything more than adding a community directory link to an already existing dropdown or list.

Experience how Dance/NYC members discover SpaceFinder under Resources and click thru to the Dance/NYC custom branded community directory of dance spaces in this video:


Example 2 - Link from a page listing other space related resources

Berkshire Creative's website is a great example of listing a number of space resources while also linking to their community directory on SpaceFinder.

Click here to experience Berkshire Creative's space resources page.


Example 3 - Link from a page that describes SpaceFinder

Downtown Brooklyn Partnership's website is a great example of an organization that created a new page on their website just to describe SpaceFinder in detail and promote their community directory, which they promote as their "New Event Space Directory".

Click here to experience Downtown Brooklyn Partnership's page about SpaceFinder





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